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Birthdate:Jan 1
Luc Morgan was born as the third child of Margaret and Bart, the third of five. He lived an ordinary life in ordinary London with his ordinary family.

Then the headaches came when he turned thirteen. The most frightening of which came from a bad dream about one of his classmates meeting an unfortunate end only to learn about Percy's drowning a week later. The visions became frequent: murders, kidnappings, to failed test grades and broken hearts of his classmates.

Not sure who to turn to and with their budget already tight, Margaret and Bart turned to their elderly neighbor, who ran a specialty store in Covent Garden. Francesca brought the boy in and helped him control his visions until they could plateau and be controlled well enough for him to live a normal life. She taught him the healing arts and how to protect himself from those who wished to abuse his gift.

Upon his twenty-second birthday, the plateau broke and Luc's visions began to grow exponentially: touching objects weren't required anymore, he could simply just be around people and move backwards and forwards in their timeline. All at once. It overwhelmed him. The more stronger visions left him comatose for days and weeks on end.

When London's busy pasts and futures became too much, an ashen Luc packed his things, bid his family and Francesca goodbye, and moved up into the countryside of Scotland, in hopes that he would be able to have some rest from his abilities.

He currently resides in an old house that's covered in vines by a lake. He works as a specialist in amnesia patients that's called in front time to time to help with the improbable cases; a consultant to Dr. Colby. He is clairvoyant and posses strong psychometry abilities. When emotionally compromised or escalated, he is able to tap into a latent kinetic power.

Luc's concept belongs to the Mun. The mun does not own the PB. Mun and Muse are 18+

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